About us

On October 2012, the galleria massimodeluca was opened in Mestre by two collectors, Marina and Massimo. The two founders decided to open the gallery in Mestre rather than in Venice both for reasons of affection, seen in the wish to invest in their town which, they believe, is a cultural incubator with great potential, and because, with regard to planning, they believe it is not the place itself that makes a difference but the content: this has been a challenge that they were more than willing to accept.

Since 2013 the Gallery had been under the guidance Marina Bastianello who, with great dedication and vision, carries the programme forward.
From 2020 onwards the gallery evolved, we grew, and a year ago we moved into a new space.
Time is now right for a change of name too, one that corresponds to a renewed involvement in the project.

So with the new year there has been born the marina bastianello gallery, a gallery that is the heir to the work undertaken by the galleria massimodeluca and that continues with its research with renewed strength and new enthusiasm.
The characteristic of the marina bastianello gallery is to represent almost exclusively artists born in the 1980s and to follow their career step by step, in this way constructing a cultural fulcrum for emerging talent and becoming a reference point as well for curators responsive to the artists of the future.

It is also for this reason that the gallery has opened a new venue inside the retail area of the M9 museum, in the heart of the town. In these past years the gallery has worked together with such national museums and institutions as the Ettore Fico museum in Turin; MART, Rovereto; MAXXI, Rome; the Luigi Pecci museum in Prato; MACC, Calasetta; MAGA, Gallarate; the villa Croce museum, Santa Croce; and the Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin.

Furthermore, with the constant aim of promoting its own artists, the gallery takes part in national and international contemporary art fairs.